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overview Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD, became the Founding Dean and CEO of the new Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine in October 2017. Prior to that, he had served as the William Berenberg Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Chief of General Pediatrics and Vice Chair for Health Policy in the Department of Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2007. Dr. Schuster is internationally recognized as a leader in research on child, adolescent, and family health. With funding from NIH, CDC, and AHRQ, he has studied topics such as racial and ethnic health disparities, quality of care, health disparities, family leave, sexual and gender minority health, obesity prevention, and adolescent sexual health. Before moving to Boston, he served as Professor of Pediatrics and of Health Services at UCLA Schools of Medicine and Public Health and Director of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at RAND, the Santa Monica think tank. Dr. Schuster has co-authored over 250 articles and 2 books. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine and has served as President of the Academic Pediatric Association. He is a recipient of the Richardson Award for lifetime achievement from the Society for Pediatric Research, the Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award from Harvard Medical School, and the Joseph St. Geme, Jr. Leadership Award from the Federation of Pediatric Organizations. Dr. Schuster has been named among Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare and Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives. He received his BA summa cum laude from Yale, his MD from Harvard Medical School, his MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and his PhD from the Pardee RAND Graduate School. He completed his pediatric residency at Boston Children’s Hospital and his fellowship at the UCLA Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program.
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Academic Article Developing quality indicators for local health departments: experience in Los Angeles County.
Academic Article Availability of high school extracurricular sports programs and high-risk behaviors.
Academic Article When and where do youths have sex? The potential role of adult supervision.
Academic Article Need for and use of family leave among parents of children with special health care needs.
Academic Article Beyond the "big talk": the roles of breadth and repetition in parent-adolescent communication about sexual topics.
Academic Article Awareness and use of California's Paid Family Leave Insurance among parents of chronically ill children.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of students for nutrition and eXercise: a community-based participatory research study.
Academic Article Prevalence and Correlates of Firearm Ownership in the Homes of Fifth Graders: Birmingham, AL, Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.
Academic Article Two-year impact of the alternative quality contract on pediatric health care quality and spending.
Academic Article Improving access to and utilization of adolescent preventive health care: the perspectives of adolescents and parents.
Academic Article Employment, family leave, and parents of newborns or seriously ill children.
Academic Article Let's Talk!, A South African worksite-based HIV prevention parenting program.
Academic Article Timing of parent and child communication about sexuality relative to children's sexual behaviors.
Academic Article On being gay in medicine.
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Academic Article Association of family stressful life-change events and health-related quality of life in fifth-grade children.
Academic Article Differences in health care access and utilization between adolescents and young adults with asthma.
Academic Article Unmet Health Care Need in US Adolescents and Adult Health Outcomes.
Academic Article Development and Validation of the Adolescent Assessment of Preparation for Transition: A Novel Patient Experience Measure.
Academic Article Children of HIV-infected parents: custody status in a nationally representative sample.
Academic Article Evaluation of Talking Parents, Healthy Teens, a new worksite based parenting programme to promote parent-adolescent communication about sexual health: randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Home Sweet Home: Parent and Home Environmental Factors in Adolescent Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages.
Academic Article Identifying Gender Minority Patients' Health And Health Care Needs In Administrative Claims Data.
Academic Article Trends in Receipt of Buprenorphine and Naltrexone for Opioid Use Disorder Among Adolescents and Young Adults, 2001-2014.
Academic Article Preparation for Transition to Adult Care Among Medicaid-Insured Adolescents.
Academic Article Improving Response Rates and Representation of Hard-to-Reach Groups in Family Experience Surveys.
Academic Article Parent-Reported Errors and Adverse Events in Hospitalized Children.
Academic Article Two-Year BMI Outcomes From a School-Based Intervention for Nutrition and Exercise: A Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Access to leave benefits for primary caregivers of children with special health care needs: a double bind.
Academic Article Association of discrimination-related trauma with sexual risk among HIV-positive African American men who have sex with men.
Academic Article School Social Capital and Tobacco Experimentation Among Adolescents: Evidence From a Cross-Classified Multilevel, Longitudinal Analysis.
Academic Article Suitability of elderly adult hospital readmission rates for profiling readmissions in younger adult and pediatric populations.
Academic Article Utility scores for vesicoureteral reflux and anti-reflux surgery.
Academic Article Predictors of timing of transfer from pediatric- to adult-focused primary care.
Academic Article Physician and Nurse Nighttime Communication and Parents' Hospital Experience.
Academic Article Communication and Shared Understanding Between Parents and Resident-Physicians at Night.
Academic Article Unmet eye care needs among U.S. 5th-grade students.
Academic Article Acculturation and parent-adolescent communication about sex in Filipino-American families: a community-based participatory research study.
Academic Article Parent-adolescent communication about sex in Filipino American families: a demonstration of community-based participatory research.
Academic Article Perceived effects of leave from work and the role of paid leave among parents of children with special health care needs.
Academic Article Risk and resilience in Latinos: a community-based participatory research study.
Academic Article School site visits for community-based participatory research on healthy eating.
Academic Article Guardianship planning among HIV-infected parents in the United States: results from a nationally representative sample.
Academic Article Fears about HIV transmission in families with an HIV-infected parent: a qualitative analysis.
Academic Article HIV risk and perceptions of masculinity among young black men who have sex with men.
Academic Article Association between adolescent viewership and alcohol advertising on cable television.
Academic Article Improving adolescent and young adult health - training the next generation of physician scientists in transdisciplinary research.
Academic Article Using community-based participatory research to identify potential interventions to overcome barriers to adolescents' healthy eating and physical activity.
Academic Article Worksite-based parenting programs to promote healthy adolescent sexual development: a qualitative study of feasibility and potential content.
Academic Article Talking parents, healthy teens: a worksite-based program for parents to promote adolescent sexual health.
Academic Article Unequal interactions: Examining the role of patient-centered care in reducing inequitable diffusion of a medical innovation, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
Academic Article Cost of talking parents, healthy teens: a worksite-based intervention to promote parent-adolescent sexual health communication.
Academic Article Psychosocial correlates of unprotected sex without disclosure of HIV-positivity among African-American, Latino, and White men who have sex with men and women.
Academic Article Perceived discrimination in clinical care in a nationally representative sample of HIV-infected adults receiving health care.
Academic Article Do children know their parent's HIV status? Parental reports of child awareness in a nationally representative sample.
Academic Article Using Ancillary Sociodemographic Data to Identify Sexual Minority Adults Among Those Responding "Something Else" or "Don't Know" to Sexual Orientation Questions.
Academic Article Mediators of maternal depression and family structure on child BMI: parenting quality and risk factors for child overweight.
Academic Article Parents' disclosure of their HIV infection to their children in the context of the family.
Academic Article HIV-related stigma among people with HIV and their families: a qualitative analysis.
Academic Article Brief report: a qualitative analysis of discussions about HIV in families of parents with HIV.
Academic Article White Matter Microstructure in the Young Adult Brain Varies with Neighborhood Disadvantage in Adolescence.
Academic Article Stress-elicited neural activity in young adults varies with childhood sexual abuse.
Academic Article Violence exposure, affective style, and stress-induced changes in resting state functional connectivity.
Academic Article Associations Between Parental SES and Children's Health-Related Quality of Life: The Role of Objective and Subjective Social Status.
Academic Article Culturally Competent Clinical Care for Older Sexual Minority Adults: A Scoping Review of the Literature.
Academic Article A national survey of stress reactions after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Academic Article Care Quality and Spending Among Commercially Insured Children With Disabilities.
Academic Article Determinants of health insurance status for children of Latino immigrant and other US farm workers: findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey.
Academic Article Cultural orientations, parental beliefs and practices, and latino adolescents' autonomy and independence.
Academic Article Firearm Ownership and Acquisition Among Parents With Risk Factors for Self-Harm or Other Violence.
Academic Article Factor structure and psychometric properties of the Brief Symptom Inventory-18 in women: a MACS approach to testing for invariance across racial/ethnic groups.
Academic Article Condom use and high-risk sexual acts in adult films: a comparison of heterosexual and homosexual films.
Academic Article Sexual victimization among a national probability sample of adolescent women.
Academic Article Hugs and kisses: HIV-infected parents' fears about contagion and the effects on parent-child interaction in a nationally representative sample.
Academic Article An Integrated Approach to Measuring Sexual Orientation Disparities in Women's Access to Health Services: A National Health Interview Survey Application.
Academic Article Negative life experiences contribute to racial differences in the neural response to threat.
Academic Article Increasing the availability and consumption of drinking water in middle schools: a pilot study.
Academic Article US Children And Adolescents Had Fewer Annual Doctor And Dentist Contacts Than Their Dutch Counterparts, 2010-12.
Academic Article Age cohort differences in the developmental milestones of gay men.
Academic Article Sexual minorities in England have poorer health and worse health care experiences: a national survey.
Academic Article A national longitudinal study of the psychological consequences of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks: reactions, impairment, and help-seeking.

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