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Academic Article Innovative playgrounds: use, physical activity, and implications for health.
Academic Article Contributions of Neighborhood Parks to Physical Activity in High-Poverty Urban Neighborhoods.
Academic Article Are Food Deserts Also Play Deserts?
Academic Article The First National Study of Neighborhood Parks: Implications for Physical Activity.
Academic Article Using a Grocery List Is Associated With a Healthier Diet and Lower BMI Among Very High-Risk Adults.
Academic Article Use of Dog Parks and the Contribution to Physical Activity for Their Owners.
Academic Article Park characteristics, use, and physical activity: A review of studies using SOPARC (System for Observing Play and Recreation in Communities).
Academic Article Where do food desert residents buy most of their junk food? Supermarkets.
Academic Article Validation of a New Counter for Direct Observation of Physical Activity in Parks.
Academic Article Racial-Ethnic Variation in Park Use and Physical Activity in the City of Los Angeles.
Academic Article Associations between eating occasions and places of consumption among adults.
Academic Article Store Impulse Marketing Strategies and Body Mass Index.
Academic Article Beyond Neighborhood Food Environments: Distance Traveled to Food Establishments in 5 US Cities, 2009-2011.
Academic Article Renovations of neighbourhood parks: long-term outcomes on physical activity.
Academic Article Discretionary calorie intake a priority for obesity prevention: results of rapid participatory approaches in low-income US communities.
Academic Article The potential for pocket parks to increase physical activity.
Academic Article Partnerships for parks and physical activity.
Academic Article Alcohol outlets, gonorrhea, and the Los Angeles civil unrest: a longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article You are where you shop: grocery store locations, weight, and neighborhoods.
Academic Article Structural interventions to prevent HIV/sexually transmitted disease: are they cost-effective for women in the southern United States?
Academic Article Involving community stakeholders to increase park use and physical activity.
Academic Article Impact and cost-effectiveness of family Fitness Zones: a natural experiment in urban public parks.
Academic Article Impact of park renovations on park use and park-based physical activity.
Academic Article Neighborhood design and walking trips in ten U.S. metropolitan areas.
Academic Article Outdoor advertising, obesity, and soda consumption: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Exploring park director roles in promoting community physical activity.
Academic Article Neighborhood poverty, park use, and park-based physical activity in a Southern California city.
Academic Article Alcohol outlet density and alcohol consumption in Los Angeles county and southern Louisiana.
Academic Article How much neighborhood parks contribute to local residents' physical activity in the City of Los Angeles: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Promoting physical activity in high-poverty neighborhood parks: A cluster randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Neighborhood Environments, SNAP-Ed Eligibility, and Health Behaviors: An Analysis of the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS).
Academic Article Violent Crime and Park Use in Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods.
Academic Article A qualitative exploration of parents', youths' and food establishment managers' perceptions of beverage industry self-regulation for obesity prevention.
Academic Article Effects of park-based interventions on health-related outcomes: A systematic review.
Academic Article Physical activity in parks: A randomized controlled trial using community engagement.
Academic Article The mediating role of perceived crime in gender and built environment associations with park use and park-based physical activity among park users in high poverty neighborhoods.
Academic Article Gender Disparities in Park Use and Physical Activity among Residents of High-Poverty Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
Academic Article How Do Racial/Ethnic Groups Differ in Their Use of Neighborhood Parks? Findings from the National Study of Neighborhood Parks.
Academic Article Use of neighbourhood parks: does socio-economic status matter? A four-city study.
Academic Article Assessing the contribution of parks to physical activity using global positioning system and accelerometry.
Academic Article Neighborhood food environments and Body Mass Index: the importance of in-store contents.
Academic Article Not enough fruit and vegetables or too many cookies, candies, salty snacks, and soft drinks?
Academic Article The effect of light rail transit on body mass index and physical activity.
Academic Article Park Use and Park-Based Physical Activity in Low-Income Neighborhoods.
Academic Article United States' neighborhood park use and physical activity over two years: The National Study of Neighborhood Parks.
Academic Article Free Time and Physical Activity Among Americans 15 Years or Older: Cross-Sectional Analysis of the American Time Use Survey.
Academic Article High consumption of energy-dense nutrient-poor foods among low-income groups in the Mississippi Delta and Alabama.
Academic Article Physical inactivity is associated with a higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes: a study in 48 440 adult patients.
Academic Article Can Latino food trucks (loncheras) serve healthy meals? A feasibility study.
Academic Article Improved Street Walkability, Incivilities, and Esthetics Are Associated with Greater Park Use in Two Low-Income Neighborhoods.
Academic Article Body mass index is increasing faster among taller persons.
Academic Article Why is poverty unhealthy? Social and physical mediators.
Academic Article Beer consumption and premature mortality in Louisiana: an ecologic analysis.
Academic Article The significance of parks to physical activity and public health: a conceptual model.
Academic Article Alcohol and tobacco marketing: evaluating compliance with outdoor advertising guidelines.
Academic Article Availability of high school extracurricular sports programs and high-risk behaviors.
Academic Article Contribution of public parks to physical activity.
Academic Article Non-residential neighborhood exposures suppress neighborhood effects on self-rated health.
Academic Article The built environment and collective efficacy.
Academic Article Body mass index, neighborhood fast food and restaurant concentration, and car ownership.
Academic Article Effects of park improvements on park use and physical activity: policy and programming implications.
Academic Article When and where do youths have sex? The potential role of adult supervision.
Academic Article An economic evaluation of a school-based sexually transmitted disease screening program.
Academic Article Neighborhood physical conditions and health.
Academic Article Asymptomatic sexually transmitted diseases: the case for screening.
Academic Article The trajectory of patterns of light and sedentary physical activity among females, ages 14-23.
Academic Article The effects of park-based interventions on health: a systematic review protocol.
Academic Article Playground features and physical activity in U.S. neighborhood parks.
Academic Article Gender Differences in Physical Activity Associated with Urban Neighborhood Parks: Findings from the National Study of Neighborhood Parks.
Grant Do Innovative Playgrounds Mitigate Health Disparities
Grant Do Departments of Parks and Recreation Foster or Alleviate Health Disparities?
Grant Performance Standards for Away from Home Meals
Academic Article The longitudinal associations of physical activity, time spent outdoors in nature and symptoms of depression and anxiety during COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing in the United States.
Academic Article Increased mask adherence after important politician infected with COVID-19.
Academic Article Health Behavior Changes Among Adults in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education, Los Angeles County, California.
Academic Article Predicting Child-to-Adult Community Mental Health Service Continuation.
Academic Article Church Contextual Factors Associated With Latinx Physical Activity and Park Use.
Academic Article Linking churches and parks to promote physical activity among Latinos: Rationale and design of the Parishes & Parks cluster randomized trial.

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