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Academic Article Nicotine patches and uninsured quitline callers. A randomized trial of two versus eight weeks.
Academic Article The impact of a free nicotine patch starter kit on quit rates in a state quit line.
Academic Article Recruitment to a randomized web-based nutritional intervention trial: characteristics of participants compared to non-participants.
Academic Article Chlamydia screening in at-risk adolescent females: an evaluation of screening practices and modifiable screening correlates.
Academic Article Interest in an online smoking cessation program and effective recruitment strategies: results from Project Quit.
Academic Article A randomized trial of strategies to increase chlamydia screening in young women.
Academic Article Web-based smoking-cessation programs: results of a randomized trial.
Academic Article Effect of incentives and mailing features on online health program enrollment.
Academic Article Predictors of 12-month outcome in smokers who received bupropion sustained-release for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Communicating side effect risks in a tamoxifen prophylaxis decision aid: the debiasing influence of pictographs.
Academic Article Impact of symptoms experienced by varenicline users on tobacco treatment in a real world setting.
Academic Article A comparison of smokers' and nonsmokers' fruit and vegetable intake and relevant psychosocial factors.
Academic Article Feasibility and acceptability of a multiple risk factor intervention: the Step Up randomized pilot trial.
Academic Article The efficacy of computer-delivered treatment for smoking cessation.
Academic Article The distinct role of comparative risk perceptions in a breast cancer prevention program.
Academic Article Using body mass index data in the electronic health record to calculate cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Understanding oral health promotion needs and opportunities of tobacco quitline callers.
Academic Article Questions about quitting (Q2): design and methods of a Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) randomized screening experiment for an online, motivational smoking cessation intervention.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetic smoking cessation intervention in a health care setting: a pilot feasibility study.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption and urges to smoke among women during a smoking cessation attempt.
Academic Article Belief in numbers: When and why women disbelieve tailored breast cancer risk statistics.
Academic Article Organic cation transporter variation and response to smoking cessation therapies.
Academic Article Factors associated with depression in a heterogeneous HIV-infected sample.
Academic Article Scheduled reduced smoking: effects on smoking abstinence and potential mechanisms of action.
Academic Article Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and nicotine patch for smokers with bipolar disorder: preliminary evaluation of in-person and telephone-delivered treatment.
Academic Article Gender differences in response to nicotine replacement therapy: objective and subjective indexes of tobacco withdrawal.
Academic Article Relationship between cardiovascular risk and lipid testing in one health care system: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article The relation between alcohol consumption and smoking abstinence: results from the Working Well Trial.
Academic Article Psychological distress among minority and low-income women living with HIV.
Academic Article Motivating prepartum smoking cessation: a consideration of biomarker feedback.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Proactive, motivationally enhanced smoking cessation counseling among women with elevated cervical cancer risk.
Academic Article Focus groups inform a web-based program to increase fruit and vegetable intake.
Academic Article Mood, side-effects and smoking outcomes among persons with and without probable lifetime depression taking varenicline.
Academic Article Dopamine genes and nicotine dependence in treatment-seeking and community smokers.
Academic Article Impact of a brief motivational smoking cessation intervention the Get PHIT randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Clinical trial participant characteristics and saliva and DNA metrics.
Academic Article Women's decisions regarding tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention: responses to a tailored decision aid.
Academic Article Testing whether decision aids introduce cognitive biases: results of a randomized trial.
Academic Article A randomized clinical trial evaluating online interventions to improve fruit and vegetable consumption.
Academic Article Smoking outcome by psychiatric history after behavioral and varenicline treatment.
Academic Article Behavioral counseling and varenicline treatment for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Impact of spirometry feedback and brief motivational counseling on long-term smoking outcomes: a comparison of smokers with and without lung impairment.
Academic Article Engagement and retention: measuring breadth and depth of participant use of an online intervention.
Academic Article Women's interest in taking tamoxifen and raloxifene for breast cancer prevention: response to a tailored decision aid.
Academic Article A randomized clinical trial of a palmtop computer-delivered treatment for smoking relapse prevention among women.
Academic Article Early cessation success or failure among women attempting to quit smoking: trajectories and volatility of urge and negative mood during the first postcessation week.
Academic Article The effect of program design on engagement with an internet-based smoking intervention: randomized factorial trial.
Academic Article [More] evidence to support oral health promotion services targeted to smokers calling tobacco quitlines in the United States.
Academic Article Informed choice about breast cancer prevention: randomized controlled trial of an online decision aid intervention.
Academic Article Individual and combined effects of multiple high-risk triggers on postcessation smoking urge and lapse.
Academic Article Leveraging the US tobacco quitline infrastructure to promote oral health: feedback from key stakeholders.
Academic Article Exploring the "active ingredients" of an online smoking intervention: a randomized factorial trial.
Academic Article Positive smoking outcome expectancies mediate the relation between alcohol consumption and smoking urge among women during a quit attempt.
Academic Article Positive smoking outcome expectancies mediate the association between negative affect and smoking urge among women during a quit attempt.
Academic Article e-Care for heart wellness: a feasibility trial to decrease blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Predictors of outpatient medical appointment attendance among persons with HIV.
Academic Article An evaluation of videotaped vignettes for smoking cessation and relapse prevention during pregnancy: the very important pregnant smokers (VIPS) program.
Academic Article Drug Metabolizing Enzyme and Transporter Gene Variation, Nicotine Metabolism, Prospective Abstinence, and Cigarette Consumption.
Academic Article Are biomarkers useful treatment aids for promoting health behavior change? An empirical review.
Academic Article Capturing tobacco status using an automated billing system: steps toward a tobacco registry.
Academic Article Designing Asynchronous Communication Tools for Optimization of Patient-Clinician Coordination.
Academic Article Concomitant use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco: prevalence, correlates, and predictors of tobacco cessation.
Academic Article Differential prevalence of established risk factors for poor cessation outcomes among smokers by level of social anxiety.
Academic Article Integrating the patient portal into the health management work ecosystem: user acceptance of a novel prototype.
Academic Article Persuasive Reminders for Health Self-Management.
Academic Article Is provider continuity associated with chlamydia screening for adolescent and young adult women?
Academic Article Oral health 4 life: Design and methods of a semi-pragmatic randomized trial to promote oral health care and smoking abstinence among tobacco quitline callers.
Academic Article Evaluation of a population-level strategy to promote tobacco treatment use among insured smokers: a pragmatic, randomized trial.
Academic Article Reducing Sedentary Time for Obese Older Adults: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Oral Health Promotion and Smoking Cessation Program Delivered via Tobacco Quitlines: The Oral Health 4 Life Trial.
Academic Article Acceptability of a sitting reduction intervention for older adults with obesity.
Academic Article Smokers with bipolar disorder, other affective disorders, and no mental health conditions: Comparison of baseline characteristics and success at quitting in a large 12-month behavioral intervention randomized trial.
Academic Article Mobile Apps for Oral Health Promotion: Content Review and Heuristic Usability Analysis.
Academic Article Impact of a novel oral health promotion program on routine oral hygiene among socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers: results from a randomized semi-pragmatic trial.
Academic Article Changes in Self-Reported Health and Psychosocial Outcomes in Older Adults Enrolled in Sedentary Behavior Intervention Study.
Academic Article Long-Term Smoking Cessation Outcomes for Sexual Minority Versus Nonminority Smokers in a Large Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Web-Based Interventions.
Academic Article Testing the efficacy of motivational strategies, empathic reflections, and lifelike features in a computerized intervention for alcohol use: A factorial trial.
Academic Article Comparing Treatment Acceptability and 12-Month Cessation Rates in Response to Web-Based Smoking Interventions Among Smokers Who Do and Do Not Screen Positive for Affective Disorders: Secondary Analysis.
Academic Article Reducing Sitting Time in Obese Older Adults: The I-STAND Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article "They're Going to Zoom It": A Qualitative Investigation of Impacts and Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Older Adults.
Grant Oral Health Planning Grant
Grant Promoting Oral Health Among Tobacco Users: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Grant Optimizing an online motivational tobacco cessation program
Grant Oral Health 4 Life: Promoting Oral Health among Tobacco Quitline Callers
Grant Development of a mHealth Intervention for Ambivalent Smokers: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Grant Step Up Wellness Program for Depression Physical Inactivity and Smoking
Academic Article Protocol for a randomized controlled trial of sitting reduction to improve cardiometabolic health in older adults.
Academic Article Exploring Differences in Older Adult Accelerometer-Measured Sedentary Behavior and Resting Blood Pressure Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Primary care physician beliefs and practices regarding blood pressure measurement: results from BP-CHECK qualitative interviews.

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