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overview Dori Rosenberg, PhD, MPH, has conducted extensive research into measuring and intervening on physical activity and sedentary time. Her research incorporates a multi-level and patient-centered perspective to help ensure individuals can be more successful in making healthy lifestyle choices by understanding: - individual resources, - characteristics, - motivation, - social lives, and - community environments. Many people face substantial barriers to engaging in physical activity, so Dr. Rosenberg has examined practical approaches to helping people sit less as an alternative strategy to health promotion. Through a series of iterative pilot studies, she has developed a sitting reduction intervention for older adults that is feasible and acceptable based on qualitative and quantitative findings. Furthermore, Dr. Rosenberg is helping to build an evidence base for the health effects of sedentary time. In the Adult Changes in Thought epidemiologic study, she is assessing physical activity and sedentary time with novel devices so she can examine associations with cognitive, functional and physical resilience. Dr. Rosenberg was invited to participate in the National Institute on Aging and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s Sedentary Behavior Workshop in 2013. Her recent publication in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise summarizes recommendations from the panel she helped lead. Dr. Rosenberg hopes increased focus on sedentary behavior will lead to more opportunities for research that can support healthy aging. Dr. Rosenberg also investigates how the built environment—such as parks, open space, and sidewalks—encourages better health. She envisions more outdoor urban and suburban facilities that invite physical activity and do so inclusively so that individuals of all ages and abilities can use them. Through her research, she advocates for changes to neighborhood, home and work environments to support opportunities for physical activity throughout the day. Dr. Rosenberg currently holds a career development award from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Rosenberg also serves as affiliate assistant professor in the UW School of Public Health Department of Health Services.
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Grant Randomized Trial to Reduce Sitting Time and Improve Cardiometabolic Health in Obese Older Adults
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Academic Article Validity of Two Awake Wear-Time Classification Algorithms for activPAL in Youth, Adults, and Older Adults.
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Academic Article Mediating role of walking between perceived and objective walkability and cognitive function in older adults.

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