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Developing Electronic Health Record (EHR) Strategies Related to Health Center Patients' Social Determinants of Health.Academic Article Why?
Adoption of Social Determinants of Health EHR Tools by Community Health Centers.Academic Article Why?
Social Determinants of HealthConcept Why?
How 6 Organizations Developed Tools and Processes for Social Determinants of Health Screening in Primary Care: An Overview.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Patients with Complex Diabetes Who Are Served by National Safety-Net Health Centers.Academic Article Why?
Using Health Information Technology to Bring Social Determinants of Health into Primary Care: A Conceptual Framework to Guide Research.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives in Primary Care: A Conceptual Framework and Path for Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into Primary Care Practice.Academic Article Why?
Gold, RachelPerson Why?
Association of behavioral health factors and social determinants of health with high and persistently high healthcare costs.Academic Article Why?
Study protocol: a pragmatic, stepped-wedge trial of tailored support for implementing social determinants of health documentation/action in community health centers, with realist evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Using community-based participatory research to address social determinants of health: lessons learned from Seattle Partners for Healthy Communities.Academic Article Why?
"Community vital signs": incorporating geocoded social determinants into electronic records to promote patient and population health.Academic Article Why?
Gordon, NancyPerson Why?
It takes a village: Exploring the impact of social determinants on delivery system outcomes for heart failure patients.Academic Article Why?
How Equity-Oriented Health Care Affects Health: Key Mechanisms and Implications for Primary Health Care Practice and Policy.Academic Article Why?
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