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Clinical outcomes and maternal perceptions of an updated model of perinatal care.Academic Article Why?
Improved Perinatal Depression Screening, Treatment, and Outcomes With a Universal Obstetric Program.Academic Article Why?
Perinatal Obstetric Office Depression Screening and Treatment: Implementation in a Health Care System.Academic Article Why?
Prospects for assessing perinatal outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Getahun, DariosPerson Why?
An open trial of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for the prevention of perinatal depressive relapse/recurrence.Academic Article Why?
Early start: a cost-beneficial perinatal substance abuse program.Academic Article Why?
A meta-analysis of adverse perinatal outcomes in women with asthma.Academic Article Why?
Adverse perinatal outcomes among interracial couples in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Adverse perinatal outcomes and risk for postpartum suicide attempt in Washington state, 1987-2001.Academic Article Why?
Association between maternal inflammatory bowel disease and adverse perinatal outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Association of Perinatal Risk Factors with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Academic Article Why?
CBT improves maternal perinatal depression in rural Pakistan.Academic Article Why?
Early Start: an obstetric clinic-based, perinatal substance abuse intervention program.Academic Article Why?
Effects of asthma severity, exacerbations and oral corticosteroids on perinatal outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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