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Reed, MaryPerson Why?
Integrating addiction treatment into primary care using mobile health technology: protocol for an implementation research study.Academic Article Why?
Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology: Assessment of Availability, Acceptability, and Use in CKD.Academic Article Why?
BP here, there, and everywhere--mobile health applications (apps) and hypertension care.Academic Article Why?
Linking Parent Confidence and Hospitalization through Mobile Health: A Multisite Pilot Study.Academic Article Why?
Patient choice of telemedicine encountersGrant Why?
Artificial intelligence decision-making in mobile health.Academic Article Why?
Certified Peer Specialists' Perspective of the Barriers and Facilitators to Mobile Health Engagement.Academic Article Why?
Just-in-Time but Not Too Much: Determining Treatment Timing in Mobile Health.Academic Article Why?
Off-Policy Estimation of Long-Term Average Outcomes with Applications to Mobile Health.Academic Article Why?
Standardized Effect Sizes for Preventive Mobile Health Interventions in Micro-randomized Trials.Academic Article Why?
Tutorial for Using Control Systems Engineering to Optimize Adaptive Mobile Health Interventions.Academic Article Why?
Designing a Mobile Health Solution to Facilitate the Transition from NICU to Home: A Qualitative Study.Academic Article Why?
Practical Considerations for Data Collection and Management in Mobile Health Micro-randomized Trials.Academic Article Why?
Mobile Health UnitsConcept Why?
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