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Assessing relative health plan risk with the RAND-36 health survey.Academic Article Why?
The Kaiser Permanente Northern California Adult Member Health Survey.Academic Article Why?
Comorbidity and survival in HIV-infected men in the San Francisco Men's Health Survey.Academic Article Why?
The distribution of total and specific serum IgE in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey.Academic Article Why?
Dental Health SurveysConcept Why?
Health SurveysConcept Why?
Gordon, NancyPerson Why?
Data for Community Health Assessment in Rural Colorado: A Comparison of Electronic Health Records to Public Health Surveys to Describe Childhood Obesity.Academic Article Why?
Cohort profile: the KPSC Children's Health Study, a population-based study of 920 000 children and adolescents in southern California.Academic Article Why?
Commentary: improving risk-adjustment models for capitation payment and global budgeting.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of lower urinary tract symptom severity and associated bother between community-dwelling black and white men: the Olmsted County Study of Urinary Symptoms and Health Status and the Flint Men's Health Study.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of two approaches to structured physical activity surveys for adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Congestive heart failure in the community: trends in incidence and survival in a 10-year period.Academic Article Why?
Considering the value of dietary assessment data in informing nutrition-related health policy.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness of a tailored intervention to increase screening in HMO women overdue for Pap test and mammography services.Academic Article Why?
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