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Combining the regression discontinuity design and propensity score-based weighting to improve causal inference in program evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Gordon, NancyPerson Why?
Gould, MichaelPerson Why?
Pediatric Quality Improvement Methods, Research and Evaluation Conference, AdvancGrant Why?
Ethnographic process evaluation in primary care: explaining the complexity of implementation.Academic Article Why?
Issues in pooling administrative data for economic evaluation.Academic Article Why?
How 3 rural safety net clinics integrate care for patients: a qualitative case study.Academic Article Why?
Improving care coordination in primary care.Academic Article Why?
The outcome and cost of alcohol and drug treatment in an HMO: day hospital versus traditional outpatient regimens.Academic Article Why?
Adams, JohnPerson Why?
Training in Child Health Services Research and Implementation ScienceGrant Why?
Go, AlanPerson Why?
Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Childrens Health Care ResearchGrant Why?
Finkelstein, JonathanPerson Why?
Advancing Implementation and Quality Improvement Science ConferenceGrant Why?
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