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Bioelectrical impedance analysis for predicting body composition: what about the external validity of new regression equations?Academic Article Why?
Body composition and functional limitation in COPD.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Body Weight and Body Composition on Ovarian Cancer Prognosis.Academic Article Why?
Menopause, physical activity, and body composition/fat distribution in midlife women.Academic Article Why?
Body Composition and Overall Survival in Patients With Nonmetastatic Breast Cancer-Reply.Academic Article Why?
Effects of ethnicity and socioeconomic status on body composition in an admixed, multiethnic population in Hawaii.Academic Article Why?
Explaining the Obesity Paradox: The Association between Body Composition and Colorectal Cancer Survival (C-SCANS Study).Academic Article Why?
Risk of Mortality According to Body Mass Index and Body Composition Among Postmenopausal Women.Academic Article Why?
The Importance of Body Composition in Explaining the Overweight Paradox in Cancer-Counterpoint.Academic Article Why?
Body CompositionConcept Why?
Body Composition, Weight, and Colon Cancer SurvivalGrant Why?
Effects of body composition and leisure-time physical activity on transitions in physical functioning in the elderly.Academic Article Why?
Objectively assessed associations between physical activity and body composition in middle-school girls: the Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls.Academic Article Why?
Caan, BettePerson Why?
Gunderson, EricaPerson Why?
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