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Beyond Bathrooms--Meeting the Health Needs of Transgender People.Academic Article Why?
Suicide Attempts Among a Cohort of Transgender and Gender Diverse People.Academic Article Why?
A novel method for estimating transgender status using electronic medical records.Academic Article Why?
Agreement between medical records and self-reports: Implications for transgender health research.Academic Article Why?
Challenging Norms: The Impact of Transgender and Gender-Diverse Realities on Work and School Participation.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of Transgender Women Living with HIV Receiving Medical Care in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Cohort profile: Study of Transition, Outcomes and Gender (STRONG) to assess health status of transgender people.Academic Article Why?
Disparities in Documented Drug Use Disorders Between Transgender and Cisgender U.S. Veterans Health Administration Patients.Academic Article Why?
Mental Health of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth Compared With Their Peers.Academic Article Why?
Cross-Sex Hormones and Acute Cardiovascular Events in Transgender Persons.Academic Article Why?
Cross-sex Hormones and Acute Cardiovascular Events in Transgender Persons: A Cohort Study.Academic Article Why?
Perception of Community Tolerance and Prevalence of Depression among Transgender Persons.Academic Article Why?
Health Services for Transgender PersonsConcept Why?
Transgender PersonsConcept Why?
Silverberg, MichaelPerson Why?
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