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Intentional research design in implementation science: implications for the use of nomothetic and idiographic assessment.Academic Article Why?
Research methodology: choices, logistics, and challenges.Academic Article Why?
Epidemiologic Research DesignConcept Why?
Nursing Methodology ResearchConcept Why?
Research DesignConcept Why?
Shortreed, SusanPerson Why?
Simon, GregoryPerson Why?
Fireman, BrucePerson Why?
Green, BeverlyPerson Why?
A case study of SMART attributes: a qualitative assessment of generalizability, retention rate, and trial quality.Academic Article Why?
A framework for research on vaccine effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
A guide to research partnerships for pragmatic clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
A hybrid approach to identify subsequent breast cancer using pathology and automated health information data.Academic Article Why?
A Narrative Review and Proposed Framework for Using Health System Data with Systematic Reviews to Support Decision-making.Academic Article Why?
A novel clinical-trial design for the study of massage therapy.Academic Article Why?
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