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Patient-powered research networks: building capacity for conducting patient-centered clinical outcomes research.Academic Article Why?
Escobar, GabrielPerson Why?
Survival among Never-Smokers with Lung Cancer in the Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Surveillance Study.Academic Article Why?
Building a Governance Strategy for CER: The Patient Outcomes Research to Advance Learning (PORTAL) Network Experience.Academic Article Why?
Privacy-preserving analytic methods for multisite comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes research.Academic Article Why?
The Cardiovascular Research Network: a new paradigm for cardiovascular quality and outcomes research.Academic Article Why?
Vision and creation of the American Heart Association pharmaceutical roundtable outcomes research centers.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Surveillance (CanCORS)Grant Why?
CDRN PCORI Kaiser Permanente & Strategic Partners Patient Outcomes Research to Advance Learning (PORTAL) NetworkGrant Why?
Center for Clinical and Outcomes Research Department Why?
Outcome Assessment (Health Care)Concept Why?
The Patient Outcomes Research to Advance Learning (PORTAL 2) StudyGrant Why?
Making the business case for enhanced depression care: the National Institute of Mental Health-harvard Work Outcomes Research and Cost-effectiveness Study.Academic Article Why?
Practice-level effects of interventions to improve asthma care in primary care settings: the Pediatric Asthma Care Patient Outcomes Research Team.Academic Article Why?
Go, AlanPerson Why?
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