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Distributed cognition: an alternative model of cognition for medical informatics.Academic Article Why?
A rapid assessment process for clinical informatics interventions.Academic Article Why?
Medical InformaticsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ApplicationsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ComputingConcept Why?
Escobar, GabrielPerson Why?
Hazlehurst, BrianPerson Why?
Grant, RichardPerson Why?
Gold, RachelPerson Why?
A cluster-randomized trial of a primary care informatics-based system for breast cancer screening.Academic Article Why?
A guide to research partnerships for pragmatic clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
A rheumatology-specific informatics-based application with a disease activity calculator.Academic Article Why?
A survey of informatics platforms that enable distributed comparative effectiveness research using multi-institutional heterogenous clinical data.Academic Article Why?
Automating care quality measurement with health information technology.Academic Article Why?
Building a virtual cancer research organization.Academic Article Why?
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